OK. SO we have LOTS of tattooed people around these parts. I know because of this post.
So I thought we would take it one step farther.
Take a picture of your tattoo.
Send me the image of your tattoo (no boobies please).
I will post the image and link people your way.
Even the embarassing ones. Tramp stamps, tribal bands, Tweety Birds.
Let’s see them all!!!
Send me your images at loswhit@gmail.com
Some entries I am looking for… pink hair, dirty flower, Jrocka

I’ll start the festivities with my horrible one on my ankle.
That is thanks to double3 and a real bad idea one night in ’94.

So. Who’s in?
Go pull out your digital cams.
Email me your images toloswhit@gmail.com.
Let’s try and get this post up by tomorrow night.