So here I sit. In what I would assume to be the most expensive church building in the greater Atlanta area.
I am sitting in my office having finished catching up with half of my employees after my trip.
I just took a walk around the auditorium and felt so small in it. I mean it seats 3000 people.
We project our senior pastor on a life size video screen with a projector that costs more than most small mortgages.
I sat in the balcony and waited.
Waited to be repulsed after the poverty that I saw last week in Uganda.
Where was it?
Where was the nausea?
Where was the anger?
It was not there. I must be calloused. I must be a freaking stone wall.
Then I remembered a statement that Spence told me last week.
He said this.

When we go home, we must remember this. You CANNOT romanticize poverty.

And so here I sit. Alone in my office knowing that God has given this place to the people of Buckhead in order to reach more for Christ so that they IN TURN can feed the homeless and care for the widows.
Then I began to imagine the revival in peoples hearts that I have an opportunity to assist the Holy Spirit in ushering here at Buckhead Church.
We literally have an opportunity to change the face of this city and God has His hand on it.

So in my search for bitterness I found hope.
Do not be discouraged by your blessings.
But thank God for them and use them for His name’s sake.

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