This is a big week for my team and I. We have a completely programmed Good Friday service with no “sermon” and 2 days later, 3 amazing Easter services. It is looking like I’m going to be at the BC for a while this week.
Why this week? Well it is Easter week of’course. The week this whole Christianity thing got going. The week before tons of Catholics can start drinking again. The week there will be thousands of southern children dressed in baby blue overalls and pretty white dresses.
So in the midst of this all, I remembered a comment made in my Starting Point class I led earlier this year.
The comment was made by a relatively new Christian. Or maybe not a Christian at all.
It went something like this…

Um…I have a question. Why do Christians spend over a month celebrating Christmas with parties, music, decorations, songs, and presents, then only a day celebrating Easter? I mean, isn’t Easter the reason we have our faith in the first place? Shouldn’t we be having Easter parties? It seems kind of backwards to me.

He’s right.
It does.