So per last weeks Creative Chaos entry, we did the Rock Band opener at church this Sunday.
After fine tuning things for the 11, sorry 9 but it happens, I think we landed well at the 11.
Billy Phenix hosted the service and came out explaining how we are in a series where Andy and Clay are talking about our desires to be great.
He explained the game of Rock Band and how, on some levels, it creates that feeling of greatness for the players.
We started the song and over the intro Billy introduced the band, noting the form of the game, that the players are playing toy instuments, and that Heath from FEE is singing.
Then we went right into it.
You only get the board feed in this audio but the crowd was really into it.
Billy then came out and wrapped the game up with another small explanation for the few hundred people who came in during the song…
Here you go.

And yes, we had Kaye, a chick drummer.