OK ladies and Gentlemen. The time has come. It is time to step up our game. Yes. This means you. You have done an UNBELIEVABLE job creating community here. Healthy debates. Healthy laughter. Healthy wasting of time. Healthy crying. We are going to try to take our community a step further and I NEED you to help me out. Listen up…
Every Thursday we are going to make THIS place the epicenter for all things creative in this corner of the web. The launching point for creativity. The launching point for trading secrets. How? Well I am taking this straight from my new blog hero Shannon and her “Works For Me Wednesdays“. Shannon uses her blog to get lots of mom bloggers together and they trade mom type secrets that are working for them on her blog every Wednesday. Over 300 people participate every week and EVERYONE gets the traffic from Shannons blog while ALL Shannon’s readers get hundreds of ideas. I got to thinking… This has to happen in my creative/music/video/arts world. A place where we all share.
A few years ago I started this little trend called Worship Confessionals. In it’s heyday, I think there was upwards of 30 or so of you doing it. Where I still think there is a place for those…a typed out post on the creativity in your place of worship can be done by anyone. Attenders, volunteers, and staff alike.
So how about it?
Every Thursday YOU write a post on your blog as to what creative element, secret, process, whatever took place at your church the past week or the week coming up. Let’s try and limit it to a large group gathering of some sort.
Music, Art, Video, Production, Scripts, Sermon Illustrations ect. You get the vibe.
And then we will circle up here and you will get to link to your blog on the front page of Ragamuffin Soul and not the comment section so all the readers can get ideas. It will be like a creative conference on steroids every week that you don’t have to pay 300 dollars for and take vacation to attend.
What do you say?
We will give it a few weeks and see what kinds of legs it gets under it.
So you want like official rules as to how this thing can work the best?
Click Here.
You want to jump in?
Here we go…

My Creative Chaos contribution today is a fun creative element we are putting in the front of our service at Buckhead Church this week.
We have a 5 screen setup right now…

We are in the middle of a series called I Want To Be Great where Andy and Clay are speaking to the desires inside each one of us to achieve greatness.
What better pop culture example to pull out then Rock Band on the XBox. So yes. This Sunday we are going to let some people from the crowd become GREAT on stage and play Dead or Alive with the Fee band on virtual instruments. It is going to be AWESOME!!!
So that is my contribution to Creative Chaos at Ragamuffin Soul this Thursday. See how simple that was? No filming. No video. Just you and your fingers. Time for you guys to post on your blogs about something you are doing or have done at your local place of likeminded people gathering. I say that so those of you who want to participate but don’t go to church can tell us about what is going on in your worlds too.
Get it?
Got it?
Post…Then fill out the widget on the bottom of this post linking to your post. Then link back to this post.

Let me know if you have any questions as we figure this out together.
I think this could be rad.