OK. Maybe not. But I’ll think you are one if you come…
Photo 291
I am holding in my hands, the inner sanctum of all things DRIVE Conference ’08.
May 5-7
Am I going to begin to pimp this conference?
Of course I am.
Do I work at the place putting on the conference?
Of course I do.
Is it going to blow your mind?
Of course it is.
Is Andy preparing his main session talks to peel the paper off the walls in your dome?
He most certainly is.
Are we going to have a Ragamuffin Reader Blog Party none the likes you have ever dreamed?
You Know That’s How I Roll.
[Embedded Flash Video Below Rich Silly Snipers]
Ask Andy from Carlos Whittaker on Vimeo. (for the rest of Ask Andy go to the website)

This conference is for you.
Trust me.
The stuff in the little pamphlet I am holding is stuff dreams are made of.
Now. Who is coming to rock the party in the Dirty South?