From my brides blog

I had this moment once a few years back when I looked at Sarah and I looked at Seanna and thought, Gasp, what if Carlos cheated on me with Sarah and Seanna is really Sarah’s baby. Then it occured to me that I carried Seanna, therefore she is mine. But for a quick second I thought it. Can you see why. They look identical.
Seanna said today… “I want hair like Ms. Sarah”
So we did.

Sarah sang with me at Sandals from day one. So long that she could tell from the inflection in my voice where I was going in the song and where the melody would swing to. She is getting married this weekend and she is as close to a sister as I ever had. Heather and the kids are representing as I bring home the bacon here in Atlanta.
But look at my Seanna.
Lord keep her 4, forever.