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I have a pretty popular blog. At least in my circle. I’m not one to be unassuming. I try to make it that way. I work hard at this “art” called blogging. I enjoy it. People read it for various reasons…
They like me. They despise me. It’s been called a “car wreck, and you just can’t help but look”. It pisses off the liberals and pisses off the conservatives. It intrigues the liberals and intrigues the conservatives.
And I believe, because of all these reasons, every once in a while I write a post worth reading. No matter who, what, when, where, and why you are.
Yesterday was one of those days.
Let me also say hello to the 7000 plus visitors who came here via Andrew Sullivan’s Blog
Andrew’s wiki page says…

Sullivan is known for his unusual personal-political identity (HIV-positive, gay, self-described conservative often at odds with other conservatives, practicing Roman Catholic, and a non-U.S. citizen who focuses on American political life). He has said that he would like to become a US citizen but is barred because of his HIV-positive status

His blog is ranked 58th in the world out of 50,000,000 plus.
Unless the Pope turns Baptist or a woman or black man has a chance of winning the democratic ticket, a clearly evangelical writer with tattoos and pierced nipples (i kid, i kid) could never get into the top 100 blogs in Technorati.
Oh wait. Well at least the Pope.
So let’s give it a shot.
I’m proud of this little reality show called my life.
And I’m proud that every once in a while I swing and hit because of the power of people like Jefferson and Matt.
So I have no shame in my game and ask that if you enjoy reading in this little corner of the web 2.0 world, you link here.
Maybe one day we shall arrive to the top 100 and show the world what a community of screwed up Christians really looks like.
And if you desire, I’ll throw you in my rotating blogroll to the bottom right.
Let me know and I’ll kindly oblige.
Again. Thanks for coming by here.
I used to get laughed at for this blogging thing.
Now people ask me to teach them how.
Keep blogging people.
Every once in a while,
It actually works.