I left a culture of pretty radical worship.
I came to the south.
The south is where Passion sprouted from.
An organization that taught me to worship
The south is also where there is a church on every corner.
On of my goals on my 2008 Goal List I gave to my team was to untrain career Christians.
Those who are stuck in tradition.
It is like turning the titanic. But even a 2 degree turn will take a ship in a completely different direction over time.
The picture below is a picture that will live in my heart forever.
It is my daughter Sohaila.
She is 5.
That is her in the balcony this past Sunday night giving her all to her Lord while I sang on stage.
I take her to 722 some Tuesday nights and we sit in the balcony where she can spin and dance and raise her hands.
And I literally teach her through it. Why, how, when. She is always with me when she worships. And she always asks when she can raise her hands.
“Now daddy?”
I tell her when she feels like it.
Heather snapped this picture and, well, I did not have to tell her.

I think it is working.