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I get to see it everyday.
Meet James and Alyssa
They are our new roommates. They live downstairs.
Remember how we lived in a basement for 5 months?
Well we are paying it forward. And we could not ask for better people to be living with us.
James and I were on staff together at Sandals for 5 years and I have known him for close to 9 years.
Here is the kicker.
James and Alyssa moved to Atlanta.
Without jobs.
They felt the Lord calling them here.
They came to visit.
They fell in love with Buckhead Church.
So that was it.
They moved.
So if you ever wanted to see Ragamuffin Soul behind the scenes…
If you ever wanted to see a bigger step of faith than I EVER have taken…
If you ever wanted to go to a blog and encourage the crap out of a couple who are following God with blind, childlike faith…
Go here and welcome the Culins to Atlanta, and of’course to blogging.
How can someone live with me for longer than 2 days and not start a blog?
Thanks guys.