You thought I forgot huh?
So it has been 6 weeks.
I’ve been busy.
Here is the continuation of this massive post…
And here are the other answers.

Here’s some more for you…
119. Tim Says:
what advice do you have for someone who is learning to play the guitar?
Put the guitar and learn to play the piano. Everyone knows how to play the guitar. I always have said…
Guitar will get you a gig, but when you are 40, piano will get you a job.

147. motionhouse Says:
When you sit down at the pre-production meeting, who is your favorite person at the table who is over 6?5?
Andy Stanley

120. alexsandra Says:
What do you order at Starbucks?
On Mondays and Tuesdays I have my suburb drink since I spend most of my days in Alpharetta – Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte.
On Wednesdays and Thursdays I get my city drink – Grande Coffee With Room.
When Jesus said go out into the “deep”…where would “deep” be for you?
Atlanta, GA. This is the deepest I have ever been. Things were really easy for us in Riverside. I could have been there for the rest of my life and been great. Moving here was a step into the deep for us.
Is it hard to be humble?
Not when I’ve got her to come home to. And yea, when you are this gorgeous, it is tough…

6. Glen Davis Says:
What’s the funniest verse in the Bible?
Um. I might be having an off night. But I have yet to laugh while reading my bible. Maybe Chris Rock should do an audio version of the Bible. I bet that would be funny.

10. beccity98 Says:
Speaking of guitars, What happened to Travis?
Stolen. From the gym after a service at Sandolas. It was a sad night. Sad night.

14. Stephanie Says:
Sorry, but its a Weight Watchers question. =)
Do you use your weekly flex and activity points??
Weight Watchers? What’s Weight Watchers?
Back when I was on it, I used ALL my points. flex, activity, and even points I did not have!

19. Chris Says:
I’m interested in the basement story too and I want to make sure you don’t disqualify Jake on a technicality.
So what’s the story with the basement?
Basement story. The family and I lived with the Phenix family in their basement for 5 months after moving to Atlanta because our house had not sold. Finally we pulled it off the market and rented it out. So we finally got out of the basement and have been in this rental house for about a month.

22. Tyler Says:
In your opinion…what is the single most important piece to someone who works full time as a worship pastor?
Um. I am assuming you mean advice. Hard to narrow it down. But simply put. You are not David Crowder. You are not Joel Houston. You are Tyler. Be you and write songs for your church so you are not singing nothing but songs that were written for a church on the other side of the world.
How long have you been playing guitar?
17 years. Dang I’m old.
What is the best way to prepare to be a worship pastor?
Take the word “worship” off the title. And work on the pastor part. Trust me. Most worship pastors are not pastors. They are vocalists. If you get the pastoring part down, you are 90% ahead of the game.
ps. I know your title isn’t a worship pastor but I know you have much experience within that arena.

33. Jessica Says:
Adopting again? Yes, no, maybe so?
Maybe so…leaning towards the so.

32. Jamie Waddy Says:
What’s the one book that completely wrecked your world?
Abba’s Child
I’ll bring a copy to work for your little 722 self.

OK. I am back on my schedule.
Look for 10 more this weekend.
What did I get myself into?