Photo 309
Picture 4-16

1. My shirt and my St. Arbucks cup match. This does not sit well with me.
2. I am taking part in this mentoring group/environment called The Leadership Lyceum all day today and for the next several months. It is an environment that accelerates the leader to a place of greater maturity. It starts today. They have their work cut out for the. I am really excited and really scared at the same time. Something about growth in a high intensity environment like this mortifies me.
3. Tomorrow I am speaking to a group from Chick-Fil-A cooperate about our excecution of developing an environment from initial idea to final product.
4. I think I was sleep walking last night. I woke up around 3 am standing in the hallway holding a cigarrette and a bottle of whiskey quoting The Lord’s Prayer.
5. Or maybe number 4 was actually a dream and I really did not wake up. It’s too early to tell.

Have a good day. See you around lunch time…