The book industry is in an interesting time right now.
I was reading Kem Myers blog a few minutes ago and it sparked all sorts of thoughts in my head.
Tony, Tim, Anne, and countless others are writing books right now.
I am in talks with a few publishers about a slew of ideas.
I know Jon is getting close.
I know about 2 dozen who are publishing their own books via online publishing companies.
Seth Godin believes in the power of ebooks.
I kind of liken it to what the music industry has gone through in the past few years.
Everybody has a Mac.
Everybody has garage band.
Anyone can record an EP.
Which has led to some really sucky music and some brilliant finds online.
You can see the shmoosing happening online via blogs and twitter.
It is almost like what has happened the past few years in photography.
With the advent of cheaper SLR’s…
Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, everybody is a photographer.
It will be interesting to see what becomes of the book industry in the next few years.
I am assuming that there will be some amazing books rising out of the self publishing circuit.
Similar to a band rising out of myspace.
I am also assuming that great writing will always win out as well.
A great blog to read on the subject is written by Michael Hyatt.
He is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.
What are your thoughts?
How do you see the book publishing industry changing in the coming years?
If you could write a book…
What would it be about and why should I trust you to read it?