It is time again for Creative Chaos. 15 hours late. None the less. It has arrived.
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This week is not a specific question like last week.
Just blog about the creativity in your lives and link away!!!

My entry this week is our Just Ask Booth.
This is a project that Amber oversaw where we give a place for our people to tell their stories of how they ended up at Buckhead Church.
Who asked them?
When Was It?
The concept seemed like a great idea but the implementation got a little complicated. As you can see from the pictures we basically found an old vintage phone booth and had Debbie Woodall paint it for us. Inside the booth we wired a camera and a monitor so that they could see themselves.
The camera was attached to a MacBook and we had a host outside the booth taking their information down and running iMovie.
Img 0707Img 0709
Img 0710Img 0711

The stories that were captured and continued to be captured are amazing, hilarious, uncomfortable, REAL.
I challenge you guys to do something simular.
When the door shuts, people talk.
Now it’s Your turn.
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