Todays Creative Chaos entry is going to surround how a small, tiny, itty bitty little shift in video direction can create and pull a worshipper into a deeper place just as much as a well placed story spoken by a worship leader.
In the following video you will see one of Buckhead’s own vocal divas, Mandy Miller, lead the song How He Loves.
In this video you will see how a well executed change of pacing called out by the video director can create a heart palpitation from the IMAG screens themselves.
Josh began directing the video with the roaming cameras and stationary cameras slowly fading into each others shots.
You will see it is in Black and White.
You will see an effect placed over the live video. Some aged film looking thing.
Not over used. Just right.
About half way through the song when Mandy hits the first big chorus, everything changes.
The video moves from B&W to color and the 3 screens change from a still, slow image to moving water.
This moment in the video direction created a moment that piggybacked on the already powerful song.
An amazing example of how video can support and even lead in worship on any given Sunday.
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[flashvideo width=”426″ height=”240″ filename=”HowHeLoves” filepath=”rtmp://”/] Now it is your turn…
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