Yesterday went something like this…
Walked into my office and Emily got me some coffee.
Played Ping Pong in the sweet sixteen against Jeff.
Hung out for 30 minutes with Carolyn.
Had pre production meeting with Kristen, Erin, Amber, Katie, Josh, Angie, and Rachel.
Eric picked me up from work and came home where i kicked his tail in table tennis live on Mogulus.
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Watching and chatting online for an hour were the likes of Vicky, Furtick, Voelz, Pete, Chad, Scott, Brad, Chad, Brian, Brook, Jeff, Amy Beth, Steven, and Veader while I dominated my table.
Had a birthday party for Losiah and Dana came over.
Alyssa and Heather watched our games with total interest for about 12 seconds.
This morning I’m pumped about lunch with Anne.
How rad is that?