I don’t know what has happened to me. Since I have moved to Atlanta the color of my coffee has slowly changed.
When I landed here 7 months ago I was drinking my coffee like I like my women.
Strong and black.
(Heather loves it when I order coffee anywhere and say that. The waitresses usually look straight at Heather with a confused look on their face like…”Um, honey? You look a little latte to be his cup of coffee!?”)
So yea. Now I find myself pouring ungodly amounts of this in my coffee.
Photo 351
Sweet and nice.
What the heck?
I’ve lost it.
Help me get it back.
Yea you. The one who never comments on blogs because you think somehow you will come to the dark side.
And you. The lady I met last night at First Redeemer who as I walked into the coffee shop yelled…”Hey! It’s Ragamuffin Soul. I read your blog!”
And you. The faithful commenters of my daily drip.

How do you take your coffee?