Hey guys. So I have some rad ideas for what happened earlier today. You guys were the lab rats.
And the chat room did not disappoint. Here is literally 1/20th of the chats. Hilarious!!!

15:31 shameonyoko : at first glance, this video shoot looks shady
15:32 john in colorado : anyone get pranked hard yesterday?
15:32 LightManX5 : My sister told me she was getting married
15:32 LightManX5 : @shameonyoko Haha, true 😉
15:32 LightManX5 : brb…
15:32 transitionpete : yo yo yo
15:33 me : are you chatting with us now carlos?
15:33 transitionpete : turn the MB over to the right?
15:33 john in colorado : shame says it looks like a porn shoot
15:33 blevins : yes, we can hear you
15:33 transitionpete : yup
15:33 blevins : hahaha
15:33 me : haha
15:33 transitionpete : crikey
15:33 transitionpete : yup
15:33 me : i’m watching all the way from midtown!
15:33 supersimbo : i love your eyes Los 🙂
15:34 tim : your good
15:34 shameonyoko : yeah, it looks like something from the XXXCHurch documentary
15:34 shameonyoko : ha ha
15:34 shameonyoko : hit me
15:34 john in colorado : sound off. where’s everybody watching from?

Give me some feedback on the quality which should help me plan better for what is to come.
I might switch from Mogulus.
Who was here and how was the feed for you?