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Spent the morning with my team doing worship in the round.

Carolyn was with us at 6:30 this morning. I met Carolyn on Thursday as she spent the day with my team watching and seeing how unfortunately simple we are. Carolyn asked a question a while back and the answer to her question landed here here this weekend.

At 10:25 I met worship leader extrodinare from Elevation Church in Charlotte, Wade Joye. How can you not be a rock star with a name like that?
His beautiful wife Ferris and him walked around with me for about 30 minutes as I showed him the ins and outs of the Buckhizzle. I love giving of what I know and I can’t wait to get up to Elevation to take some notes myself!!!

Tonight I get a tweet on my phone from Daley Hake saying…GO RESCUE BRODY!!!
So I got on my twitter and was greeted with 6 or 7 others asking me to go rescue Brody from Hartsfield.
A few tweets later I was in my car and driving to the airport.
As I type this Brody is sitting a few feet away from me on my sofa ready to spend the night.
Let me mention that all these relationships exist mainly online.

To all those Web 2.0 haters out there who wonder why people twitter, blog, and Flickr…
Today is why.