So last night Heather and I went on a date.
722 to get our worship on.
Zack Arias’ studio to get our party on.
Heather and I will do anything. Like seeing that Zack was having a party off his twitter feed and deciding to go.
We were looking forward to drinks, muchies, and conversation with Zack and Meghan.
What I got was so much more.
The mixer was great. I was surrounded by dozens of people who had flown in from across the country to take part in Zack’s off the hook One Light Workshop.
A workshop on how to turn out amazing photos with a minimalists budget. Like. One light.
I was surrounded by conversations featuring words like f-stop, aperture, soft box, and hot light.
These conversations made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I don’t know why. They just did.
Towards 10 pm, Heather, Meghan, and I walked downstairs. Zack clanged something on his bottle of NewCastle Brown Ale for what turned out to be the best part of the night.
He gathered all of us around and had us introduce ourselves, name our profession, and what we hoped to get out of the workshop.
I went first and had fun explaining that I am an Executive Producer for a church. Heather introduced herself as the girl that likes to take pictures with the “A” setting on her camera for Auto.
Story after story from full time photogs here to learn from the master teacher. I was impressed.
Then Zack, quite simply, told his story.
Sitting on a stool, unassuming, beer in hand, his story flowed.
A story of dreams, hopes, love, lost, divorce, debt, single fatherhood, Kinkos, a break, one camera, one light, God, sovereignty, John Eldridge, Waking the Dead, a prayer answered, redemption.
I was hanging on every word.
The people in the room were mesmerized.
What I saw was a man being real with himself, others, and God.
And it was infectious.
No games. No punches. No manipulation.
Just truth.
And because of that, it was one of the most brilliant nights I have had since moving to Atlanta.
Who inspires you towards Authenticity?