Ragamuffin Soul Is Closed

It is with little fanfare, and much conversation, that I have decided to close the doors of Ragamuffin Soul.
I have offended one to many people.
Thanks for all your support.
Keep Pumping Your Fists…


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  • natalie

    is this a joke? as in april fool’s?

    ’cause it’s not funny.

    not. one. bit.

  • funnier than if the blog post read “Asaalam Alechem”

  • NO! Say it isn’t so!

    I believe you. Just as much as I believe Brody’s going to jail for 12 days. (God, I hope that’s a joke on his part…)

  • You’re Lame. End of story. And it’s too – not to.

  • Good try…we’ll see you tomorrow.

  • Dude, this better be an april fool’s joke. 🙁

  • uh… what am i going to read when i’m in meetings?

  • finally!

  • You got me. About as much as the guys who duct taped our community bathroom and commodes closed for the last 28 hours…..

  • Seriously – you’re going to have to try a _lot_ harder than this, give us at least some credit.

  • So honestly, it’s one thing to joke about someone being hurt, or to hurt me in a joke, but to even joke about taking away Ragamuffin is not funny.

    Not to mention, we ALL know you cannot do it. You are a blog-a-holic, and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Can’t wait for your next post my friend.

  • who cares.

  • It’s about stinking time! Now finally I might be able to get some work done around this joint. Oh, can I have your traffic then, since you wont be using it? PLEASE 😀 (see you tomorrow)

  • Seriously, this is the worst April Fool’s Joke EVER and we totally have your number, dude. Not. Even. Remotely. Funny. BIG MEANIE!!!!

    Who the heck did you offend anyways? Your basement dwellers? Tree people? St. Arbucks? Whatevs.

  • dang. i just got here too. oh well…

  • Can I buy the domain name? I’ll give you $3 bucks…

  • With this and Rick Warren being taken hostage in Rwanda this day certainly sucks.

  • Ha, funny Carlos. Thank goodness April Fools Day is only one day.

  • It’s about time…you never write about anything interesting anyways….

  • God

    Look. The Sandals Staff really does hate you!!!

  • I was wondering what took you so long to post today.

    Complete design overhaul for a simple April Fool’s joke. I hope the paying advertising customers you have are happy their ads aren’t running.

    Dale Best

  • april fools to you too.

  • oh geez…

    … you know, april fools is over at noon.

  • blah blah april first

  • Jam

    Dude you can do better than this.

  • Christie

    This had better be an April Fools Joke!


  • dee

    Oh my! Please noooooooooo!

  • Carlos, God bless. This blog has been a blessing to me. I pray that God uses you in new and creative ways to be a blessing in his kingdom. God bless.

  • great carlos…we’ll see you tomorrow

  • So, temporarily forgetting what day it was, I believed it – at first. Nice try. 🙂 Better luck next year.

  • Sarah

    Oh PLEASE let this be an April Fools joke! Seriously, I’m tearing up here.

  • HAHAHA….That was a good one, you should have seen the look on my face when I read the closing remarks. You got me, I have been april fooled.

    Think about it people, if it was closed you think you would be able to comment?

    What a kidster..

  • Any ways, why do I like this blog so much? I check for new posts at least 10 times a day…..Crazy I know

  • rusirius

    I thought my dad was the only person on earth that still told April fools jokes.

  • See you tomorrow…:)

  • big. fat. liar.

  • Nice try!

  • ARGH!!!!!

    It was the first time ANYONE got me all day.

    Still haven’t recovered from the adrenalin rush.

  • rusirius

    I meant bad April fools jokes, by the way.

  • ha freakin ha

  • This is the fastest Ragamuffin Soul has ever loaded. Might be something to this….

  • april fools!!

  • cool! I will now find another favorite blog to be a silent reader….moving over to http://whittakerwoman.typepad.com …much better material there anyway….

  • @Jeff M. Miller. HAHAHA. I’m not sure what’s worse…the joke this site is shutting down or the wordpress template!

  • You will continue to offend, I’m sure… but good April Fool’s joke.


  • Filed in “authenticity” HAHHAAH!

  • Chris

    This is a good april fools joke. but i don’t think it beats the one i got from my boss! get a message on my table to call ‘A.Lion’ on a certain number. I call the number and ask for ‘A.Lion’ only to realise the number is the Sydney zoo!! good times!

  • liar

  • Los

    I get it . I think I re-entered the web address about 4 times making sure that I did it right. Ha Ha Ha…. a little slow, I used to be blonde, but I get it now.

  • Dustin

    nice try.

  • I’m calling BullShit on this one… That’s right I said it and if anyone accuses me of foul language I’ll say April Fools and change it to Bullcrap…

  • that’s ok, we can still follow your every move through like 30 different ways of communication

  • at first i said crap. Then is said..CRAP.he got me.

  • Marnie

    You have to do something somewhat believeable for it to be a April Fools Joke. I like how you can still post although its “closed”. Step it up a notch or I will sign Seanna up for a free bible too.

  • anyone else see the irony of the category … “Authenticity” ??

    hmmm … authentic BS?


  • har

  • I love the new look – very Google =)

    Catch ya’ tomorrow when you post again or one of your 52 Twitters a day.

  • I’ll give you $4 for the domain name.

  • i wondered what you’d try to pull for April Fool’s Day

  • okay…being a single mother, this was my little vice during the day that made me feel normal. i was SO sad, then realized after reading others posts that it is indeed april 1. this SO better be a joke (a very mean one at that). offended one too many? i am offended that you would even think the thought of shutting it down!!!

  • I guess the joke is on you, because I know you are going through withdrawl as I write this. How long, O’Lord, can he last? Can he carry it even 24 hrs?

  • i agree with the above comments haha!! but it is so cute that you are so into this april fools things and went all out to make this page 🙂

  • Today in blogdom, cheers went round the internets as a long time blogger otherwise known as Ragamuffin Soul shut down his site. Productivity went through the roof in many parts of the country as people no longer had to tab over in their browser away from the site when their boss walked in.

    The day will no longer be called April Fool’s and will heretofor be remembered as Loswhit Day.

    A moment of silence.

  • joe

    it’s about time you shut down this crappy blog!

  • Lame-o.

    Apparently, you’re also at the Dr. getting your third nipple removed.

  • sam

    NOOOOO… what will my wife and I have to talk about with our friends here in boring indiana? great joke btw.

  • Bullshit.

  • Ummm, has to be a joke…come back who cares what people think.

  • lol riiiight.
    You dont seem like the type to even survive without blogging. 🙂 Its as essential as oxygen. 🙂

    Happy April Fools. 🙂

  • I bid $5 for the domain. Let’s see how long he can keep it up. Maybe he can turn it into a First-Week-of-April joke?

  • bigdaddyjer

    Nice try. My joke a few years ago about you leaving Sandals was better … until it came true.

  • Don’t make me fly out the ATL and do business with you!

  • Offended one too many people, well you just pissed off a whole bunch more:-O

  • have you ever had more comments than this one will generate? i’m not falling for this one.

  • Songrtr

    Ohhhhh Man you got me good on this one. I was sooo sad then I realized. See you soon

  • Why is it that I am confident that you will be back 🙂

  • Jamie

    Please let this be a joke. I get hope and inspiration from you every day.

  • tp


  • authenticity…hmm, someone’s been reading the SHLOG.

  • CJ

    Good one! April Fools!

  • great. i’ve been hoping you’d end this thing soon. me and that Leftmuncher guy are now happy.

    to all of you sad blog fans that turned Carlos into a Stat Ho (yes, i gave him that name first) … visit my blog at http://www.double3.com. oh wait … now i sound like Los by begging for some traffic. hmm.

  • B Dylan

    Kitty Ninja

  • Bull!
    No Way!
    You can’t do this. No Joke!?!

    Funny man los!

  • yea, yea, yea….April fools day to you too Carlos

  • aight come on Los i’m bored out of my mind. you know you wanna relaunch 4 hours early.

  • eryn

    happy april fool’s day to you too!!!!!!!

  • i like this new hot design..lots of white space..very clean..m.

  • Rodge

    april fool!

  • ummmmmmm….right. Next your going to tell me that designer jeans are a waste of money. What has happened to Carlos!!!!???

  • adam


    It is April Fool’s Day. You almost had me.

  • Nice…you’ve gotta love WordPress themes.

    Brad Ruggles

  • Good!! I’m tired of being offended!!

  • April Fools!!

  • I was sad for a second…then I remembered…I love April!

  • nerd.

  • I have a feeling he’ll keep it down for a few days just to mess with us…

  • PLEASE tell me this is an APril fools joke! I love reading your blog! I will be extrely disapointed if you stoped blogging! I am a techncail director at a church in St. Paul Minnesota, and I love seeing your “worship confessonals!” PLease keep bloging!

  • My heart stopped for a brief second. Not funny dude.

  • *yawn*

  • cool. well, not cool. i guess if it’s a joke, then, cool. if not a joke, not cool. either way, we can still grab coffee…


  • hodge

    nice joke los

  • did anyone actually buy this? 😉

  • right… like you could quit. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Through my tears and heartache I now understand that it really is April 1st. Only one time before have I been the fool, such a fool. It was some 20 years ago. Carlos, the grief I felt from the first reading will only be taken care of when you come to our church to lead worship, just once. Maybe I will laugh after the tears dry…
    PS – loved the last BODADDY video. Thanks!

  • Carlos did seem down today.
    Something about puppy dying and blogging is useless. I tried calling him but… he just seemed, not himself. Normally in creative meetings he has like 15 ideas. Today, he had 11.

  • Maybe it’s for the best.
    I was at the watercooler at work and my friend had watched the link from my blog to the boodaddy #6. She asked me if ragamuffin and his wife had split up cuz he was on his own. I promptly said oh no she’s just in Cal. at a wedding….
    and I said… why do I know so much about these people from Atlanta????
    Cold Turkey.
    It’s better this way.
    We’ll miss you.

  • No kids, it’s gone…

    Sitting beside him today in meetings I could smell sorrow and pain on his breath…

    It was either sorrow and pain or a 100 calorie pack of Chips Ahoy – they smell the same.

  • Hey guys… this this is serious. I’ve just met Carlos at Buckhead Church. He quit the church to work full time with the Drive Conference!!! Man… you’ll be truly missed!

  • Well, you’ve offended the hell out of me plenty of times.

  • Do you really think that switching to “VeryPlainTxt” would fool us? Nice. Not as good as GMail Custom Time, but a nice effort.

  • if you really needed comments, you could’ve just said so. comment whore.

    (i kid, I kid)

  • Does this mean we won’t be seeing your man boobs on video anymore? Sweet.

  • anyone want to start a 12 step program?

  • thats real cute.

  • BUT I NEED YOU!!!!

    You’re really the only person I thought might be able to interpret my “Tattoo Dream”.

    Puhleaze come baaaaaack!!


  • comment #116.

    wow, you’re desperate for attention.

  • wow – and i couldn’t even comment fast enough to have been on the right number.

  • fOo

    tomorrow is in fact another day. Its a bit like the other week when Brad A left Third Day. You think the world will end as you know it. It goes on, it changes, it grows…. thats life.. Cya tamorro C!

  • Seriously,how could you tick someone off . . .
    This was great stuff . . .

  • Seriously,how could you tick someone off . . .
    This was great stuff . . .
    Is this a joke!

  • Jon


  • no way – this better be April Fools

  • FAIL

  • Carlos. This had better be a joke!

  • sharon

    another pagan festival you have participated in….


  • I will be praying for you Carlos! By the posts before this- it sounds like you are going through a tough time. I will be praying for you!

  • I get to pull The Cancer Card for this one and say that you’re just not allowed to do that to me.

    So there.

  • You are so dumb.

  • I’ll stop by again tomorrow. hope to see you back then 🙂

  • I guess I’ll have to start reading Stanley’s blog for your comments…

  • Say it isn’t so!!!! This has got to be a joke….right?

  • matt g

    I like the new funeral home clean look.

  • seriously … when I was driving to work this morning I thought … I bet Carlos will pretend to close his blog because it’s April fools. Glad you didn’t let me down!!!

  • not funny, mr.

  • Luke Roetman

    Alright Los, it’s midnight (officially April 2nd). Time for you to post again… 😉

  • Zak

    finally, now I shall rise to the top of creative church blog world and conquer the world!!! But first, I’ll have to learn to play guitar, adopt a child, get my entire arm tattooed, move all the way across the country, and shave my head.


    Carlos, come back please.


  • …and a happy april fool’s day to you, too.

  • Zak

    Oh, BTW, I love how I am VERY LAST on the link love…my name has doomed me.

  • whatever…get your butt back on that computer mister and get over it!! it’s blog time baby!!! get to it!!! or are you just paving the way for whittaker woman to take the lead…oh the pressure…hehehe…great joke…

  • more april fools day blogs here:

  • Isn’t reading all these comments, Los, kinda like going to your own funeral?

    Just a thought…

    Dale Best

  • 1. i agree with mike, the bare bones design is great.
    2. congrats on being vulnerable enough here to the point where this was mildly expected from you.

  • Happy Aprils fools day Los….

  • Ummm….April fools? Please?

  • Brad Metzger

    lol, Larissa wins.

  • Lu

    Yeah… April Fool’s please!! ‘Cause if it’s for real, it SUCKS. Man, don’t give an old lady a heart attack like this. It’s just not nice.

    I guess I should’ve stopped by your office when I was over at the Wachovia Bank next door, getting cash for the toll ride on 400 up to I-285…. Maybe I could have smacked some sense into you in person. 🙂 (and maybe I could have also avoided the hour I spent just sitting behind the protesting trucks on I-75 an hour outside Chattanooga….That sucked too.)

    Dude, you gotta come back. The Internet is no fun without you.

  • Now, to really get people going you need to carry the joke on for a couple days. Really get people wondering.

  • julie abendschein

    april fools day is over now. come on!

  • Tara

    VERY FUNNY. You would go C-R-A-ZY…

  • angela


    ok so for a second i thought it was true and then i was like NOOOOO he could care less about all those haters ..

    its now the 2nd so put your page back up

  • It’s a good sign when you are offending people. How could you expect to please all 3000+ of us each day?

  • I had called the EPA, FAA, FBI, CIA, NTSB, and the ATL PD and none of them could shut this down. But finally, someone parking maid did it!

  • okay…… joke’s over….. bring our blog back.

  • seriously, it is 8:00 am in Texas.

  • robbie

    okay jokes over. April fools day was yesterday so go ahead and put the site back up.

  • Right

    Carlos, We all know that you could not live without your blog. You love the attention wayyy too much.

  • Ok, Carlos, April 2nd, so open up the doors again… It’s been long enough now!


  • Whatev.

  • Yeah it IS April 2 – I think this is getting lame – you didn’t even rant over at Shlog’s place about the anti-twitter post yesterday. Come out come out wherever you are! (egads your ego must going wild – all these people begging for you – rocksta!)

  • Are we taking bets yet as to when Carlos cracks ands posts again? I’ll guess by 10:30 a.m EST

  • Cari

    I truly hope this is a joke! I LOVE your blog and I would miss it immensely!

  • Joy

    I just found your blog a couple weeks ago. Now I am hooked! Do you realize it is April 2nd now??? Please stop the madness…. I am starting to go through withdrawls! (shaking slightly)

  • Friends are friends forever . . . . See you next post!

  • tony g

    did you close spellcheck to?