Hi. My name is Carlos.
I lead worship on a stage with more lights that the last Coldplay show I went to.
Hi. My name is Carlos.
I produce worship services in an auditorium where the soundboard itself could feed a small village in Uganda for an entire week.
Well not the actual sound board. Unless you are into a bit of salt and pepper with your plugins.
You get the jest.
Hi. My name is Carlos.
I have an office in one of the most technologically advanced “worship” facilities in the country.
Hi. My name is Carlos and I think that God is more than pleased with what is happening at Buckhead Church. I believe He is overjoyed.

I felt like I needed to start the post off with that so that we are all on the same page.
There has been some great discussion going on over at the Dirty Flowers blog.
I think Anne has handled the discussion over there well. No F-Bombs have exploded which is more than I can say for you timid readers here at the RS.

I wanted to lock arms with Anne in a blog version of Red Rover and ask you guys to “Come on over” and answer me 2 questions.
And no, I did not ask Anne if I could play Red Rover with her. I’m just locking arms with her post without her knowing.

Question One: What do you see the purpose of a church weekend gathering is?
Question Two: Do you believe God can engage a persons heart in a weekend service where there is a goal to help manifest this through musical worship, production, creative video elements??

Yes. You are right. This post has no answers hidden within it. I’ll post that one tomorrow.
This post is for you to speak.

And remember people.
Some people like their lattes with foam.
Some without.
Red Rover Red Rover Send The Blog Commenter Over,

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