So I just got done with our first Leadership Lyceum and my head feels like it is about to explode with stuff. So much to chew on. I look forward to connecting with my cross mentoring group along side Dr. Kieth of Dr. Karl every 2 weeks as I press hard to try and expand my leadership abilities and capacity. From 8 am till 4:40 pm I learned.
I know I will be better off for it but right now I am TOAST.
So you know what I do?

I walk into my office and grab this thing…

I then squish it so it does this…

I then hold it above my head like this…

I follow that with dangling it on my face to where its small tentacles just grace my face ever so lightly.

That makes me relax after a long day where my mind does not shut off.

What strange ritual do you guys have that makes you sane again after a long day?