My friend Derek Sweatman is the lead pastor for Christian Church Buckhead.
They are a church that meets about 2 blocks from Buckhead Church.
They run about 180 people a Sunday and Derek had me come and speak to his volunteers tonight.
Why would he bring the guy from the megachurch to come and talk to his people?
Because he and I both know that my church is no better off than his and centrally, we have the same needs.
So I told them about my recent journey from Sandals to Buckhead and how I remember being at the EXACT place they are at as a church.
Trying not to run from that place, but exist in that place with joy and a teachable sprit.
Here was what I tried to say in my 25 minutes of tripping over my words…

1. Be real with yourselves, others, and God WHERE YOU ARE AT as a group of volunteers.
2. There is an authenticity in a smaller church community that forms the base for healthy numerical growth in the future.
3. The church staff are not the shepherds in the local church. They are the facilitators of the ministry being given by the VOLUNTEERS.
4. The church down the street with the big building is no better off than you are. Actually you are better off in some ways.
5. Having no permanent facilities creates an attitude of servant-hood and obedience that is hard to discover once you have a building. Enjoy the time you have without walls.
6. If the churches in the Buckhead community would spend more time together outside the walls of the buildings…Dare I say it…Revival could take place in our community.
7. God has Christian Church Buckhead where they are for a strategic purpose in our city. And I can’t wait to see all He is going to do through them.

So if you are a church looking at the church down the street and comparing yourself to them…
Take a page from Christian Church Buckhead.
Find your identity in Christ and enjoy where He has you.
These guys have even printed maps with walking directions to Buckhead Church for the people who show up WEEKLY thinking that they are at our church. They direct them down the street to us.
Now if that is not a glorious picture of what The Church should be, I don’t know what is.