Gonna keep trucking through these things…I’ve been busy.
Here is the continuation of this massive post…
And here are the other answers.

11. travis spencer Says:
Do you ever feel like you have to act/dress/talk differently when you’re with Andy Stanley? Or do you wear the skull shirt in his staff meetings?
Act – Nope. Most people who do weird him out.
Dress – Nope. Khakis look horrible on me.
Talk – Nope. I still have yet to say “ya’ll” in a conversation.
Skull Shirt – Um. I don’t wear that thing in front of my mom. Much less staff meetings.

16. Molly Moore Says:
– Have there been any thoughts/talks of NP adding a campus to Gwinnett
County (up here in my neck of the woods)?
We can barely handle 3 campuses. Much less 4.
– How do I get my iphone to SEND e-mail?? It keeps coming up with a
message about an outgoing server. I get the mail… just can’t send it.
Here you go…

43. Robin Says:
When’s the next time I get to hang out with you?
June 23-36 when I am in So Cal for THIS
67. Aaron Says:
In a cage match between Kristian Stanfill and Todd Fields, who would win?
Stanfill. Easy. You see his right worship hook? It’s deadly.
Picture 1-42

78. scotth Says:
Taste great or less filling?
Tastes Great

102. Katey Says:
Does blogging (and having this many people respond) serve as a source of self-esteem? I mean, I’d feel pretty loved if this many people responded to my posts!
Yes and No.
I get enough love letters to feel loved.
I get enough hate letters to feel not loved.

125. Dan Says:
How long did it take to answer all of these questions?
Um. 2 months and counting…

34. Joanne Says:
Would you be willing to share this link so others can pray for this amazing family? Their faith is unbelievable and is sparking a revival in cyberspace!
Where are some great places to eat in Seoul?(I’m going to travel to adopt our baby girl hopefully in March). Any other travel recommendations?
Have you gone already?!?!?!?!
Can you come visit Cornerstone sometime (Francis Chan’s church)?
Yup. Tell him I’m free.

27. Jonathon Says:
What’s the best advice you could give to a guy getting married in 153 days?
Well I don’t do math. But I think you have not gotten married yet.
So. First thing is first.
Make her the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you see before you go to sleep.
Second thing is second.
Sex is complicated. It is not like the movies. You are not a porn star and you do not have a director.
So be patient.

Man. We will see the next time I try and pull a stunt like that post again.
Still going…