Yesterday I was in meetings from 715 am until 430 pm. NO time in between.
Although many of those meetings were creative in nature, I ended up curling up in a fetal position and sucking my thumb for 30 minutes.
That is just how I handle that kind of stuff.
I am really looking forward to today.
We have a BRILLIANT speaker for our Buckhead staff this morning. Tyler is even driving from the country down to the city to sit in on our staff meeting.
This guy supposedly gets paid millions of dollars by companies to come in and THINK for them.
So yea. It should be good.
Alas I am going to make sure that I get at least 2 hours at Starbucks this afternoon. Tower Place and Piedmont.
If you walk in and I have my headphones in and don’t look at you, it is not because I don’t love you.
It is because I don’t want to crawl into the corner and suck my thumb in a fetal position again.
This is the most random “twitteresque” type post I have had in a while.
But sometimes there does not need to be a point.
Tell me the boring details of your day.