This week will be a great week for those of you who have been thinking about joining twitter to try it out.
Reason being…
I will continue to post to my blog as I normally do. For most people that will suffice. But there is that small group of you who want in on the action. And that takes place on my twitter feed. With twitpic the twitter world has now been opened up to those who could care less about my 2 sentence updates and want to SEE what is going on. Those of you who already follow my twitter know that I average about 15+ updates a day. Most of the time the “fun” stuff happens on my twitter feed.
So if you have been pondering that move…Take the plunge and sign up for twitter. You don’t even have to do anything besides follow a few people and you can have the updates sent to your phone, a webpage, a desktop application, or a number of other places. But when you sign up, you will have those options. If you just want to “check in” on my twitter feed, then by all means just bookmark and follow along.
Some of my other favorites tweets to follow are…
Jeff Henderson – My innovative boss at Buckhead Church
Buckhead Church – Yes. My church has it’s own twitter feed.
Mike Foster – Deadly Viper man himself.
Anne Jackson – The Dirty Flower
Tony Morgan – He will be with me this week live blogging from the events.
Randy Elrod – The Blogfather
Nathan Brown – My friend and coworker at Sandals Church.

Those are just a few to get you going.
Tweet Tweet.