Some shots from the blogging gathering tonight.
It was a fantastic time of awkward side hugs and feeling a bit like we all know too much about each other.
Seriously though, it was amazing.
Img 8965

From the bottom row, L to R.
Tyler Reagin, Carlos Whittaker, Andyi816, Chad Roberts, Pete Wilson, Jenni Catron , Matt Funakawa , Heather Whittaker, Nick Blevins, Jennifer Blevins, Kye Chung, Jason Samuels, Pete Kim, Josh Lazar, Miranda Wiggleston, Kevin Bunnell, Brad Bretz, Rich Barrett, Joe Wiggleston, John Cornelius, Loran Lichty, Brian Reese, John Weatherford, Tim, Reid Greven, Got No Blue .
Those were the blogs I remembered. I think there are 2 links missing from the pic and a few peeps not in the pic.

A few things I found out about Ragamuffin Readers tonight.
1. They like their beer.
2. The like to cuss. Especially the pastors. (just kidding)(sort of)
3. The love Jesus.
4. They’re a good looking bunch.
5. They are all completely sane. All but Tyler.

We talked a bit about how the church either needs to jump on the wave that is social media or move out of the way because it is coming. And the church can either fight it and drown, or embrace it and surf.

I think I would rather surf…
Have you had a blogger meet up like this before?