Another reason I quickly fell in love with my church/orginazation is because they kick major tail.
I am constantly amazed as to the talent of the teammates around me.
I think it all came together for me during the DRIVE Conference. Spending 5 days with teammates from all 3 campuses putting together a world class event.
It solidified for me that I work with true rock stars.
What you have below is the video of the opener from Session 3.
All sorts of people were involved in making this thing pop.
And yes that is a 60 some odd foot screen stretching the width of the proscenium.
And yes that is me getting all gangsta jiggy on that screen.
Props to everyone who made this opener work.
[Flash Embedded Below RSS Readers] [flashvideo width=”426″ height=”240″ filename=”Drive_Boomin” filepath=”rtmp://”/]

Here is the link to see just the center screen res.

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