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Every Thursday YOU write a post on your blog as to what creative element, secret, process, whatever took place in your life the past week or month, or year, or decade.
Music, Art, Video, Production, Scripts, Sermon Illustrations, Design, ect. You get the vibe.

My entry to this week is quite simple. It is our Service Programming Division Hopes and Dreams for 2008. I like to share this with people and read it once a week to make sure we are on track at Buckhead Church in “Closing the Gap” between the worshipper and our God on Sundays. Here it is with little fanfare…

Close The Gap in 2008
1. Innovate
a. Authentic creativity within the church creates authentic culture outside the church.
b. Spend time with secular leaders looking ahead.
c. Write songs for Buckhead/NorthPoint/BrownsBridge
2. Examine
a. What is Next?
b. What is Current
c. What has Past
3. Disturb/Disrupt Career Christians
a. Teach and Show Biblical worship with great worship leaders!!!
b. Consistently break tradition

So that is what I came up with for our team and gave that to them in January. We have made great strides but have a long way to go. I look forward to the second half of the year.

OK. Your Turn. ONLY FILL OUT THE WIDGET BELOW IF YOU HAVE LINKED BACK HERE FROM YOUR BLOG. We want this community to continue to grow.

Let the chaos begin!!!