This is a letter I wrote to myself Sunday when I got home after leading at Buckhead.

Dear Worship Leader or singing person or whatever it is they call you,
Hi. My name is Dude Who Just Came Back To Church After 10 Years Because Church Sucks.
I just left your church service and wanted to tell you a few things.
First of all your jeans are rad. Seriously. Where did you get them? But your jeans did not bring me any closer to understanding all the stuff you were talking about.
While you were singing that song about upside down, or inside out or something, you kept pounding on your chest. You really seemed to believe what you were singing. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and trust you on that.
But I have a question. Do you feel like that right now? Or just on Sundays. I just don’t know how to get to that place and I was mesmerized watching you. When could you fill me in on that little secret? No one else in there was as passionate as you were so that really makes me think that it must be a magical thing or something. Or maybe everyone else in the building is just like me and wanting that chest beating passion as well. Who knows?
Also, that dude on the screen. He was really good. He must have prepared weeks to talk about that stuff. He seemed to only have about 15 minutes longer than you did on stage. So I started wondering. Do you spend the same amount of time that the talking guy does preparing for what you do? I mean maybe that is why you pound on your chest like that and pump your fist. Because all that preparation has you in that place before you got there. Or maybe you were just winging it. I don’t know.
But I do know this. That passion that you were surrounded by. I want that. I just need to know how to get there. And if next weeks service is the same as last weeks service, well, I don’t think I’ll get there. And the week after that, and after that.
Just letting you know. Those 20 minutes or so that you have are really a waste of time if you don’t show me how to get there.
Oh. And it’s ok that you forgot to sing that one part of that first song. I’d never heard it before so I wasn’t singing it anyways.
Um. I think that’s it.
Just wanted to drop you a note and remind you that I was there. Sitting in the 3rd row with my arms crossed. Just waiting for you to show me how to feel that thing you were feeling.
Maybe next week.
That Dude Who Just Came Back To Church After 10 Years Because Church Sucks.