I’ll be the first to admit that the following video was weird for even me to watch. I was mostly nervous that I would watch myself sleepwalk out of the room at 3 am and come back with a pink tutu on or something. Thank God that did not happen. Seriously. For all of us.
This is just one of the things that randomly runs through my head.
“I wonder what I look like sleeping?”
Well. Now I know. 8 hours in 4 minutes.
Here is a breakdown of my experiment.
12-1 AM // 1 Turn
1-2 AM // 3 turns AND bandanna fell of my dome.
2-3 AM // 4 Turns. Bandanna ends up back on my dome. I end the hour looking like I’m lounging by the pool. Looks like snoring begins on the hour.
3-4 AM // 1 Turn and foot tapping begins. This was a nice solid hour of sleep for me.
4-5 AM // 5 Turns and bandanna is off again. I start loosing the covers. Lucky for you I slept with a uniform on.
5-5:30 AM // @ 5:12 am I found my happy place. Covers off and in a fetal position. @ 5:17 AM you are really glad that I slept with a uniform on. This looks like the worst half an hour of sleep I had.
5:30-6 AM // My shoulders are getting jiggy with it. Looks like some solid sleep and breathing.
6-7 AM // 7 TURNS!!! – I have a feeling this is when my crazy dream happened. And the sun decided to wake up this hour as well.
7-8 AM // 1 Turn BUT the cover goes OVER my head.
8-9 AM // “Daddy. Daddy. Why did you sleep down here? Daddy can I play computer games? Daddy how do you spell NickJr.com?” And I close and open my eyes while enjoying an hour of the scent of Sohaila’s hair. The best way to wake up if you ask me.

So. If you could watch yourself sleep. Would you? Will you? Could you? And why don’t you?
That was the weirdest thing I have ever seen

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