I’m sitting in what could quite possibly be the largest starbucks I have ever seen. Here in Cumming, GA. Don’t laugh. Thats the real name.
I assume they have to have room for the cows to come in or something. 😉
Anyways, one of the barristas is looking at me in a not so normal way. Like either he thinks I am hot or he knows me. Maybe both.
After he walks up to me…
“Hey…Are you Carlos? Dude! You are. You were on LA Ink right?”
“Yea. Totally.”
“Dude. You went to Briarlake Baptist Church right?”
“Dude. You were my camp counselor!!! Remember? I threw a shoe and hit you in the face and then you chased me down mooned me.”
“Um. I don’t remember that. Maybe it will come to me. So, sorry about that dude. How is your family?”