So today is the big day.
Let me give you the inside scoop after my meetings yesterday.
Rick Warren’s new vision is to become less so others become more.
So. That is why he invited these 35 other pastors from around the country to use his platform to teach from.
He has a heart for pastors like none I have ever seen.
This week is about pastors.
If you are a pastor, or if you have a pastor, send them to so they can see first hand how Saddleback Church is leveraging the power of their senior leader for the greater good of the Kingdoom.
They basically have given me free reign to blog, show, stream, interview, snuggle with whomever I run across.
The reason they invited the top 5 Christian bloggers in the country is because they want this conference to reach way beyond the walls of their building.
Not everyone can afford to come.
Most can’t.
So they are leveraging the power of YOU guys to send it out.
So please. Steal, link, post, rip, anything you guys see here or on Tony Morgan’s, or on DJ’s blogs on your own.

Check back at 8:30ish for a live stream of Rick’s SESSION ONE.
You won’t want to miss it.
Let’s leverage all 5000 of you to help make a change.