Today another great lineup of information and great thoughts from great minds here at WIBO.
But I had to leave for a minute and come upstairs so I could release what is in my heart for the Chapman family.
I just screamed this…
“Dear God. I am so $#!@ pissed off. I don’t care what everyone says. This is NOT right. Please. Please. Show me how this can be right. PLEASE?”
So now I sit. In silence. Waiting. Listening. Hearing nothing.
Everything we are talking about downstairs seems so trivial to me right now.
I know that it is not.
But in Nashville, TN. Right now. A family is hyperventilating while trying to figure what life looks like without Maria.

And I wish I could tell them that I am hyperventilating too.
Well I can.
And you can too.

I know God can say No.
Andy just got done preaching for 5 weeks on it.
It just pisses me off when He does.
And yet I know He is watching me, right now, with patient eyes.
When is the last time you were pissed off at an answer that God gave you?