It was supposed to be an easy night.
Heather took off to B’ham for the night to hang with a friend and I had my 3 kiddos who were supposed to be asleep by 7:30.
I don’t know what happened.
Losiah hurt his right arm somehow and won’t move it. He is not in pain unless he moves it but has begun to move it a little more throughout the night.
Luckily we have a RN living with us and she calmed my fears.
Whatever you do, don’t google “Toddler with limp arm”.
About 3 minutes into my research he had some Arabian fungal disease.
I think he just sprained it somehow.
I laid down with him until he was fast asleep all the while ignoring my other 2 princesses.
I told them they could sleep with me and, well, they are.
Photo 391
It has been a pretty rough night without my bride but I think I have it covered.

Man their heads are heavy.