Hey guys.
If you take a look right there.
Photo 361Yea. Right there. Where the TOP 5 link list used to be…
It’s gone.
The bloggers are not. They are still blogging away…
But as I continue to hash out how to best use this tool, I thought I would start a monthly flava.
Like what are the websites that I am pretty much all about right now.
Some will be repeats. Some will be new. But I am going to try and change them out once a month.
So who is new over there?

1. Mike Foster – I have actually known Mike for a while now. Way back before he was cool Deadly Viper Mike. I knew Mike when he was in a band. Yes. In a band. I can’t remember the name of it. Something to do with water I think. But Mike was an amazing worship leader. He was a great friend to the staff at Sandals Church and I always like the guy…Fast Forward…Now you have Deadly Viper Mike. No he is not different. He is the same good ol’ Mike. Yet now he is fighting the Character Assassins on behalf of us all. His message is one of hope and restoration. I LOVE DEADLY VIPER. But I like Mike even more.
Go check out everything that is DV. And our Ragamuffin Soulette The Dirty Flower is writing on that blog as well.
Simply brilliant.
2. Heather Whittaker – That would be my wife. That would be the same woman who promised me she would never blog. That would be the blogging machine that has almost 1000 readers a day. No longer is she Carlos’ wife in this circle I run in. She is out to devour me and my stat hoeness. She lives in this community of mom bloggers. These women OWN the blogosphere. I only play in their world. My wife gives you the behind the scenes to the behind the scenes. And she is ridiculously sexy fly as well. Be home soon honey.
3. David Kuo – David and I have a really strange relationship. It has existed for a little under 3 months. We lived together for 9 days in Uganda. Had our worlds and perspectives shifted. Came home. And have really deep iChat conversations around 2 am on a weekly basis. David is an award winning political writer. David worked in Bush’s presidential administration and is way smarter than I. You would never place the two of us as friends in a lineup. Yet we speak the same language. Be careful. his blog will boil your kettle. I love it!!!
4. Zack Arias – Once again my ADD self shows. Why the heck would I have a photography blog on my list? I take pictures with a 300 dollar pocket camera. Because reading Zarias.com MAKES me want to be a photographer. I love stunning photography. Zach is a master teacher and teaches well on his blog. And he has a sweet beard.
5. 6YearMed – I know I know. She is still there. Maybe because I sit by my RSS reader waiting for another witty tale from the ER. She is a great writer who I hope never becomes a full time writer because then she would not be able to write about the stuff she writes about now. Right?

So there you go. May’s Flava…
So let’s spread the love…
What is your favorite blog right now? The one that makes you smile when you see that update?