Hello. I’m Carlos.
I ride the bus home.
Well actually I ride the train and then the bus home.
Some people look at me funny when I tell them this.
I think it is a stigma that “bus people” have here in the ATL.
But I love putting my headphones on, taking a right out of the Buckhead Church building and walking to the MARTA train station.
I love the homeless guy who tries to sell me a bottle of Crown Royal every Wednesday and Thursday.
I love the group of workers from Foot Locker at Lenox Mall who argue about who the woman liked the most that came in around 3 that afternoon.
I love the business man who reads his paper while secretly listening to Snoop on his iPod.

I love the group that waits at the Dunwoody Marta station for our Cobb County Transit bus.
I am starting to make friends with them.
It is the same crew.
I have not had the nerve to ask them their names yet but we are starting to smile cordially at each other and we always let the lady with the Walmart bag on first.

I love the smell of the bus as I sit in the back and hope someone interesting sits next to me so I can ask them what they are reading.
I love pulling the little cord which prompts the lady that lives in the speaker system of the bus to so elequatly “Stop Requested” in an accent that no one on the bus has.

I love the bus.
I love that my family only has one car and that is forces us to spend more time together.
And I love my wife’s new camera which took these pictures on my bus ride home yesterday.

Oh. And I love you too.