Here is the gear that this blogger is taking to the Saddleback Purpose Driven Live Summit and The White Board Sessions.

1. ZOOM H4 handheld field recorder. Here is a post I did on it a while back. A stereo recorder that looks like a weapon. Saucy.
2. Andy’s pen. I took this from Andy’s office. I write with it in hopes of gravy training some of that sweet sauce he uses to write his amazing sermons. It has not worked for me yet.
3. My Moleskin – Nuff said.
4. Quickpod – I think I finally have a reason to use it. Again. A bit weaponesque. But at least I know I’ll get the shot I want.
5. Not my HD Passport. I lost that guy in Uganda. This is another external hard-drive full of junk. It shall get reformatted on the plane tomorrow and carry all my pics that #10 will be taking.
6. SD-600 – You all know about this little guy. He has captured almost every important video in my life the last 2 years. This thing is a tank. Has been dropped hundreds of times and keeps chugging out the videos. From fat ragamuffin vids to Losiah’s adoption.
7. My trusty Macbook Pro. 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB of 667 MHz DDR2 RAM. Simple. Powerful. Dirty. With 4 new audiobooks on it.
8. Willie – This is the name of my iPhone. Why? Click this. That is Willie Nelson’s guitar. You see the love that thing has on it? Well it ain’t got nothin on my iPhone since Sohaila cracked that bad boy.
9. C’mon. What if my iPhone runs out of juice? It’s like crack I tell you.
10. My wife’s new Nikon D300. Sorry Daley.

And there you have it.
My tools.

Check back later today to see how Rick Warren handled the Ragamuffin Love.

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