I got an email late Wednesday night. Under the cover of the starlit sky. I was laying in a fetal position watching “Ax Men” when my iPhone buzzed so softly in my pocket.
It was an email.
From Rick Warren.
This was some of the note…

Hi Carlos,

I’ve read your stuff on the Internet and I think it is great! So I want to invite you come to a “stealth conference” that is unadvertised and blog about it next week.

Next week, May 20-22, I’ve handpicked about a thousand of the most effective pastors in America to meet with me for 3 days. This is a by-invitation-only event here at Saddleback. I’ve also lined up 35 leading pastors who are friends of mine to do discussion panels …

So I’m inviting a few select bloggers to attend and cover this event. Oh yeah, TIME, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, and a bunch of other media are coming but I wanted to invite you to be here and cover it. What do you think?

Next thing I know I have a plane ticket and hotel reservation.
So this next week is going to look like this around here.
More Purpose Driven Ragamuffin than you ever wanted. I am dead set on getting video of Rick Warren pimping
I look forward to covering this event with a team of 3 other invited bloggers.
Tony Morgan, DJ Chuang, Joshua Griffin, and myself.
I’m the only bald one.
Unless you count the tiny circle forming on the top of Tony’s head.
So yes. I have been invited to a conference and flown across the country because of this blog.
Because of you.
So do me a favor.
Take a look at these names and start giving me some scoop.
Panels Revised

Who do I ask what?
I mean look at some of the names on this list!
There could be a theological fist fight that could break out at any moment.
Only kidding.
Sort of.
So I am going to watch a few reruns of Anderson Cooper tonight and watch me morph into a journalist the likes of which you have never seen.
I’ll see you in So Cal…
Oh. And that is only the first half of the week.
Then Tony, Perry, myself, and a few others there will fly to The White Board Sessions on the right coast.
Check back often this week because the blog gloves are coming off.

Who would you want to ask a question to and what would it be?