I don’t like to name drop.
OK. You’re right. I do.
But there are a few reasons why I wanted to write about this relationship.
You see I worked at an amazing church called Sandals Church for 9 years.
Sandals Church was helped tremendously in our early years because Rick Warren saw and felt something special in my senior pastor Matt Brown.
He would come to our services. He would call to check in. He let us use office space. He would call us out on things when we were full of it. He was a sort of protector.
He allowed his staff to pour into me.
Rick Muchow spent an insane amount of time with me molding me and just being “available when I was out there.
He saw potential in me and believed in me when I doubted myself.
Rick Warren is also great friends with my father. Alumni of the same university. Have been part of the same denominations. And quite simply, they just get each other.
The get me.
I know no one believes me when I tell them that so I thought this story to be funny.
At Catalyst this last October I was hanging with my homie Scott Hodge.
We were heading up the elevator after we crashed some secret Catalyst party room in the basement of the arena. Dave Ferguson had just told us that he was going to lunch with Rick Warren and was pretty pumped.
I thought about saying…”Yea. Rick. Tell him I said hey!” but then realized that I would look like “that guy”.
As Scott and I stepped off the elevator.
There he was.
I smiled and Scott’s heart palpitated and then this ensued.
Rick Warren…”LOS!!! LOS!!! How ya doin’ man!!! I heard you moved to Atlanta. How is North Point treating you?”
Scott Hodge looked at me like…Yea right. This is not happening.
I said…”Rick!!! Man Buckhead is amazing. I love it here. Thanks for asking…This is my friend Scott.”
Rick…”Hey Scott. How ya doin man? Good to meet you.”
Scott fumbling for a business card…
Rick…”Well Los. California really misses you. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. Tell Fermin and Carmen I send my love”

And we walked away.
Scott just rolled his eyes at me and punched me in the arm.

Andy makes a point in his Fight Club sermon series.
I just learned of this point yesterday.
He says something akin to…Would you rather make a point of build a bridge?
Do I agree with everything everyone does?
Nope. But do I treasure every relationship and contact I make.
If you get anything from this name dropping post, let it be this…

Open your mind and accept the relationships God places in your path.