Picture 12-3I would be amiss if I did not state that the hour is upon us when Ragamuffinsoul.com hits 1000 in Technorati ranking.
This does a few things.
1. Makes this place be able to ball with some other high ranking blogs out there. None of which talk about what we do on here.
2. Puts me a step or 2 closer to becoming almost as cool as some of the mom blogs out there.
3. Lets me raise my ad prices. 😉 Just Kidding. Sort of.

4. Allows YOUR VOICE to be heard much louder than you EVER imagined. Trust me. There is some stuff going on behind the scenes here that will make most of your jaws hang open and I can’t wait to let you in on it. Because the noise that will come out of the space above your hanging jaws will be heard by more people than you ever imagined.
So if you want to be the 1000th link linking here.
Go ahead. Link to www.ragamuffinsoul.com and put us over the 1000 mark in Technorati.

Thanks for making this fun and me addicted.