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Every Thursday YOU write a post on your blog as to what creative element, secret, process, whatever took place in your life the past week or month, or year, or decade.
Music, Art, Video, Production, Scripts, Sermon Illustrations, Design, ect. You get the vibe.

This week’s entry

20Tny 4Our Black

Today I want to introduce you guys to something my production team does to build and pour into their volunteers.
It is called 24. A 24 hour short film project.
Here is the description…

If you’re new to Twenty Four.. this event involves showing up on a Friday night to learn who is on your team of six to eight volunteers. Next you find out the parameters: mandatory prop, phrase, location, topic, etc. Then your team has 24 hours to script, story board, shoot, edit and turn in a five- to seven-minute film that is watched by all your family and friends. There’s judges, awards, popcorn, movie candy.. the works!

You can see some of the old videos from years gone by here.

Big props to my production team for pouring into our volunteers!!!
Your turn.