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Every Thursday YOU write a post on your blog as to what creative element, secret, process, whatever took place in your life the past week or month, or year, or decade.
Music, Art, Video, Production, Scripts, Sermon Illustrations, Design, ect. You get the vibe.

This week’s entry

You are getting a sneak peek into our new set design for this week.
Since Faith Hope and Luck we have been using vertical versatubes lined 3 high. This created a great array of options as far as a color palate for our lighting and staging guys.
What Jerad and the team have done now is take those same versatubes and created 3 horizontal rows.
This way the tubes are closer together and since they are LED’s we are able to use them for more of a video element as opposed to just a color element.
Stars, words, sun, shapes, they can all be seen and defined now.
Here are some pictures for your understanding…







I look forward to the art that will be painted on these tubes by my media guys.
I’ll be leading worship in front of those on Sunday.
I can’t wait.

Your turn…