Picture 1-51

The group above are some of the twitter folks I follow.
That snapshot represents a vast array of people.
My best friend from the past 16 years.
A mentor from the past 4.
A guy I started a web biz with whom I’ve never seen face to face.
A girl who sent me her blackberry when mine broke.
A guy whom I have never spoken with yet admire his work.

All these are my friends.
But I get lots of, and let me use a new term the North Pointers like to throw around, Push Back from people when I tell them of my online relationships.
I’ve never actually used that word in a real life sentence.
But since I’m typing this I guess this wouldn’t count as real life because you are reading it online right?
[sarcasm noted]

I hope and pray that as people continue to dive into this lame attempt of authenticity called Ragamuffin Soul that they start to see it.
Real people, Real relationships, Real Stories.
I used to be able to count on one hand how many people would take their shirt off their back for me.
After this experiment called Ragamuffin Soul, that number can be counted on at least 2 hands.
There are hundreds and I would do the same for them.

Lots of people argue that this online world we live in NEEDS to steer people towards actual face to face encounters.
I disagree.
Those are nice too.
But you can be just as fake in my face as you can be behind that 18″ of glowing LCD in front of you.

I once had a friend named Charles.
We watched Stand By Me in the 5th grade, walked out behind the house, placed a knife in our palms, cut some skin, winced like sissies, and shook hands.
Looking back as an adult I remember feeling more alive in that moment than I had in my previous 10 years on earth.
Blood Brothers.
I still get that same feeling every once in a while.

Only now I bleed ones and zeros.

[For you non techies]