These are man crushes I have of dudes I actually know.
Weird I know. But I’m secure enough in my metroness to call it what it is.
These guys are movement makers and world shakers.
The kind that you need to keep an eye on because any minute, they are going to create movements that we are all a part of.

Jay King //
There is this guy who is going to start a movement with me. Or I with him. Either way, our lives have collided in a way that is going to shake the waters of what it means to be a “worship leader”. This guy is the real deal.

Dustin Bryson //
We started a web gathering place that died a quick death but was fun while it lasted. He just started a new project called Another brilliant project by my boy Dustin. Sooner or later one of these things is going to change our lives. I’m sure of it. Is this one it? Go find out.

Zack Arias //
I know. I know. Your tired of me pimping his photography. OK. Then I’ll just pimp him. He is a great guy who loves the Lord in a way that I wish most Christians would love him. With honesty. Oh. And his girl makes him 10000000 percent cooler.

Mike Foster //
Still can’t get enough of this guy. He is full of wisdom and honesty and Radical Grace. I’m privileged to call him a friend. Oh. And I wish I had his hair.

Oh. And Jack Bauer and Sawyer are still there. I so want to be those dudes.

So there you have it.
Who are your current “real life” man crushes?
Do chics have lady crushes?