I decided to take my team on our annual retreat in the same community that we minister in. We are in midtown Atlanta surrounded by all the people we want to impact. It has been so cool to commune in the city and I think we are feeling the energy that I had envisioned.
As well, I am focusing this years retreat on Health and Wellness.
4 Areas.
1. Spiritual Health.
2. Physical Health.
3. Relational Health.
4. Intellectual Health.

I honestly believe that if we are going to be as effective as we want to be we cannot work 55 hours a week while eating fast food while ignoring our families and friends and spending our free time watching tv.

That is what we are fighting against so that we can work to our fullest potential as “ministers”.
We have already had 2 pastors from outside our organization come and to speak with us in small groups about our spiritual health.
Inman Houston, great friend and senior pastor of Lawrenceville First Baptist Church where the average age of his attender is 63. He is 33 and has been there 4 months. He spoke some major TRUTH into us last night.
Dereck Sweatman, great friend and pastor of Christian Church Buckhead. The same church who hands out maps with directions to our church for the people who accidently show up at his church down the street instead of ours. Yea. He’s amazing.
This morning we had Elizabeth David from Chick-Fil-A come and talk to us about our physical health. My team was energized about tackling this issue together.
During the rest of the trip we will focus on our relational and intellectual health.
Which area or areas would you say you need to grow in and why?