One of the craziest stories from my blog was what went down at a Hillsong United concert and me getting in trouble for talking about the church who hosted it putting annointing oil in a hotel shampoo bottles.
It was one of the funniest posts ever but I took it down out of respect to their upsetness.
This was like 2 years ago or something.
Well out of that conversation I made a friend.
He is a great musician with mad photog skillz from the IE.

A few weeks ago his bride and him were walking at Morrow Bay in NoCal and happened upon this boat.
06142008 011A
06142008 012A

I swear this must be a sign from God.
1. It is the freaking SS Ragamuffin
2. LOS is spelled directly below Ragamuffin.
3. It is as clean a vessel as my Hyundai Santa Fe.

So if one day this blog disappears and there is no sign of me, I am on that boat fishin somewhere off the coast of Panama.

Amazing find.