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Here was last weeks list so that we can go check up on each other!!!
Don’t let each other fail!!!

My Week 2
I started out with the worst lower back pain I have had in quite some time. This was after my 6 mile run last weekend.
It sucked. Like. SUCKED. I started doing these back stretches every hour where I get on my belly and arch my back while lifting my head to the sky.
Yes. It looked exactly like you are imagining.
I did this in my office. At the pool. On the street. Everywhere.
Sunday I rode the bike. Monday rest. Tuesday 3 miles. Wednesday rest (should have been 3 miles) Thursday rest (should have been 3 miles) I wanted to give my back 2 solid days of rest. Friday I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes and prayed that my rest days would not come back to bite me today.
After my 7 mile run this morning I must say, I think I chose wisely. My back held up the entire run and I felt great all 7 miles. Here was the run…
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I feel great about my training program and I am excited about this weeks runs.
So goal number one…MARATHON in 16 more weeks…getting there.
If you are NIKE plus runner… Here is my profile
Goal number two…Get to 175 lbs…
Last week I weighed 202.5 lbs…
This Week…

So there you have it.
How were your weeks?
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