As humid as it is in Atlanta, I feel like all the humidity in the United States travels to Texas to mate and produce offspring humidity.
When I missed my flight yesterday afternoon and the nice lady at the counter looked at me and told me that I was going to have to sleep in the Dallas airport for 6 hours I almost cried on the spot.
All I could imagine is me laying in some corner of terminal A with the air conditioning turned off while trying to sleep on random fluid filled carpet.
So I twittered.
I knew that the “replies” tab on twitter was broken so I figured the chance of scoring a sofa were slim to none.
About 2 minutes after I twittered I got 7 emails, 3 phone calls, and many unseen tweets.
4 hours later I was standing next to this dude.
Dsc 4379

This is Trevor DeVage. He is the brains behind Remedy 4 This Heart and Fresh Air Poetry.
He was standing at baggage claim with a smile and some good news.
About 200 yards away from the terminal was the Hyatt.
He drove me across the street and told me that his wife and him had taken care of everything.
He handed me a room key and a REALLY nice cigar.
I was floored by his generosity.
I cranked the AC and climbed in bed.
I love it when I see Jesus in people.
Tonight, Jesus just happened to use Twitter.